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Norrskens autumn and winter jackets

Our winter and autumn jackets

Norrsken has designed jackets for the cold autumn and winter days. They will keep you warm and dry all day long

Buy autumn and winter jackets online at Norrsken!

As is well known, the heat is not long-lasting in the Nordic countries and the cold months outnumber the warm ones. Therefore, it is important to invest in a windproof and waterproof autumn jacket and a really good and warm winter jacket. Finding a perfect jacket can be difficult, as it is a garment you wear for a large part of the year, but we are happy to help you.

Autumn and winter jackets for all tastes

With us, you will find a large selection of autumn and winter jackets in different models, colours, sizes and with different characteristics. We simply have something for everyone. Maybe you’re looking for a warm down jacket? A classic parka? Or why not a shorter jacket with nice fur? A shorter jacket is perfect in the autumn while a nice, long down jacket is warm and comfortable for when the cold winter comes. Some like a classic and stylish black jacket, while others are more daring and like colourful outerwear. A nice colourful jacket cheers up an otherwise grey winter day, we have a large selection of jackets in lovely colours, such as, olive green, navy blue, red and our best-selling oyster which is a mixture of white and beige. We are sure that you will find a jacket that suits you.

A jacket for all weather conditions

With a really good jacket, you are ready for the colder days of winter; a jacket is there to protect you from the cold but also from rain and wind. We do not want bad weather to limit us in everyday life. We have, therefore, created our jackets with the weather in mind, and almost all of our jackets are wind and waterproof. A protective hood is always nice, so you can be protected when the snow or rain show up. We have both fixed and removable hoods, with or without faux fur. Find your new autumn and winter jacket with us at Norrsken jackets.