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Norrskens training and loungewear

Our new training and loungewear collection

We have designed a unique high quality training and loungewear collection. The collection  is a combination of functionallity and style

Training clothes and loungewear


Workout clothes

Buy your training clothes online at Norrsken. We offer functional and high-quality training clothes for women created by women. We know how important quality and fit are. Training clothes should not only be functional, they should both fit well and make you feel comfortable and stylish. For most of us can probably recognize that you feel a little extra motivated and the training feels more fun with new, stylish training clothes!

How do you train?

Are you a runner? A strength trainer? group training person? maybe the dancer? Do you prefer walking in the woods? Is home exercise your thing or do you love yoga? No matter what type of training you like, we are sure that our training clothes will suit you perfectly. Investing in new workout clothes is good for a lot and works for everyone. Maybe you train to build muscle? To lose weight? Do you train to be healthier or because you love the feeling afterwards? No matter what goal you have or why you train, a new training outfit can give you that extra push to succeed in reaching a little further.

Sports fashion for everyday

That sports fashion has become a trend, no one can have missed? Today, it is perfectly okay to wear training tights to a knitted sweater or sneakers and a training hoodie to work or when you are doing errands in town. Are you looking for new training tights? Do you need a new sports bra with good support? Are you looking for a nice training hoodie or maybe you want a pair of new shorts? We have training clothes and loungewear for all everyday occasions. At Norrsken we are inspired by power women, our clothes are created for women by women. Buy your training clothes online at Norrsken.


Loungewear or soft clothes? Dear child has many names but it is comfortable in any case! Comfortable loungewear are the perfect garments when you work from home, for yoga, for the walk, for the Friday cuddle on the sofa or as a nice Saturday outfit? Loungewear is not only comfortable, it is also extremely stylish and creates a perfect casual look for everyday. Who said fashion does not fit in during the cozy evening? Our clothes in ribbed material are soft and comfortable to create the perfect feeling of coziness. Is there a more comfortable feeling than changing into comfortable clothes after a full day in tight jeans? Check out our selection of suede clothes and find your new favorites.
We at Norrsken love health and know how important the combination of exercise and recovery is. We have created our clothes to fit in all everyday occasions. Our clothes are just as suitable for home coziness as for yoga or walking.

Combine fashion with comfort

Comfort is at the center of us, but also style. With us, you will find everything you may need for a comfortable everyday look. We have ribbed shorts, ribbed sweaters, stylish hooded sweaters, comfortable t-shirts and the coziest fleece sweaters you can imagine. We are inspired by our wonderful Nordic nature and have therefore designed our garments in basic natural colors such as beige, brown, white and black. Are you looking for comfortable, lovely and comfortable home garments? Then you should try our comfortable loungewear. With us at Norrsken, you will find the perfect home garments that are both comfortable and trendy.