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You choose yourself how you want your product(s) delivered. We aim to be as efficient and as seamless as possible.


We want you to be happy with your purchase! You should always feel proud and content with your jacket, which is why we offer free returns for all of our jackets.

You can buy it, try it and then return it. However, please be aware that each delivery has an impact on the environment and we are all responsible for leaving, as small footprints as possible, on the environment.


Even though Norrsken is based online, there is always a real person on the other end of your shopping experience with us. So, if you have questions, comments or  simply want to chat, we are here!

Your jacket will be collected and sent by one of our four warehouse guys: Niclas, Johan, Johan, Robin. We assure you that they are working as fast as they can, so that you will get your order, as quickly as possible. If needed, we can alwaysreach out to the warehouse and prevent a package from being sent. We can also redirect it to another address, if this is something you want. You just have to let us know.

Call us at +46 (0)709-427207 or send us an email at