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Everything you need to know when buying your SKI WEAR

Do my ski clothes need to be waterproof? How do I know if they are warm enough? What kind of fit should a ski jacket have? There are a lot of questions that pop into your head when it’s time to buy new ski clothing, so this guide is designed to help you make your purchase. Your ski clothes will hopefully be with you on the slopes for years to come, so it’s extra important that you find your perfect ski clothes!



Our ski pants are made from a fantastic material that can withstand water, cold and wind and will keep you comfortable whatever the weather. Our pants are lined in 80g dexfilsoft padding, which allows you to move easily and smoothly on the slopes while keeping you warm well.


Ski jacket

Our ski jackets are made from a great material that can withstand water, cold and wind, and they will keep you warm on the slopes. Our jackets are equipped with dexfilsoft padding at 100g which makes them light and smooth to move with on the slopes.



Our ski jackets are waterproof with 5,000 to 10,000 waterpillars and all zippers are waterproof. If you’re going skiing when it’s a bit warmer outside and the snow is damp, it can be nice to have waterproof skiwear to keep you dry and warm all day.



Equipment is a big part of the decision to find the perfect ski clothing. That’s why we’ve equipped our skiwear with what we believe are the most important and smartest features to make it as practical as possible.


The pockets on our ski jackets are large to accommodate both your hat and gloves, and on the sleeve there is a pocket for your lift pass. On the inside of the jacket there is an elasticated snow lock and inner pockets for gloves/goggles. As our jackets are not tight fitting at the bottom, a snow lock is very useful because by fastening the snow lock you prevent snow from getting into the jacket and thus keep you dry and happy! Our ski pants have two waist pockets with storage space, an adjustable waist and removable suspenders that can be adjusted to your desired length.


Full taped seams

All our skiwear has fully taped seams, this means that the seams are completely waterproof. In seams that are not taped, there is a risk of water getting through and therefore the garment cannot be classified as waterproof.



Fit is always very individual, based on whether you want a more or less slim fit. Our skiwear is “true to size” and therefore we recommend that you choose your usual size. Our Noret ski jacket has a more slim fit than our Holme ski jacket which may be good to consider when making your decision. As you will have more space and room for a mid-layer if you choose a ski jacket that is a little straighter in model, as opposed to one that is more slim.


Washing advice

To take the best care of your ski clothes, we recommend washing them as little as possible. We therefore recommend hanging your ski clothes out to dry for a freshening up and spot-treating them with a wet cloth if they have any visible stains.


Your choice

At Norrsken, we always believe that the most important thing to keep in mind when buying your clothes is to choose a garment that you find comfortable and stylish. As we want you to be able to love and use the garment for years to come, and thus contribute to a more sustainable consumption, it is therefore important that you choose the clothes that you like!