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Everything you need to know when buying your HIKING PANTS

How do I know which hiking trousers to buy? What is the difference between the different models? What do reinforced knees and gussets mean? There’s a lot to think about when it’s time to buy new hiking pants. We offer a wide range of different types of hiking trousers, which can make it difficult to know which ones you actually need. That’s why we’ve created this guide to make it easier and as simple as possible for you to find the right pair of trousers.


Things to consider

When buying a pair of hiking trousers, it’s important to think about the purpose for which you’ll be using them. What is your need? Are you going to use them when you go on tough hikes, work in the garden, or go for a dog walk? The most important thing is to choose a pair of trousers that suits you and your needs.


The difference between the different trousers

What sets our hiking trousers apart is the choice of materials, appearance and function. We offer hiking trousers in a more robust material or in stretch, with more or fewer pockets, with or without ventilation, with a zip at the bottom of the leg or Velcro, and our trousers can differ in how water-repellent they are. Here, it’s important to choose the trousers whose features best match your needs.


Reinforced knees and gusset

Most of our hiking trousers are reinforced across the knees and thighs. This means that they have a slightly thicker and more robust material over the knees and thighs to make them more durable and hard-wearing. This is especially good if you sit down a lot, for example when working in the garden.


Material/water repellent

Our hiking trousers are available in a variety of materials. For example, our Forsvik and Tidan trousers are made of a robust and durable material, which is particularly suitable for hiking in more rugged environments or when working in the garden. If instead you want a lighter hiking pant with more stretch that is perfect for walking or if you want to be able to move a little more smoothly in the garden, we recommend Tänndalen or Norddalen. Most of our trousers have reinforcements over the knees and legs in mountex/dry double face material, which makes the trousers water-repellent and therefore able to withstand moisture and light drizzle.


Number of pockets

The number of pockets can be crucial in deciding on the right hiking trousers. All our hiking trousers have at least three pockets for best performance. However, if you want a good pair of trousers to wear on a dog walk, it can be especially good to choose trousers that have a few more pockets to fit all your treats etc, an example is Forsvik which has many good zipped pockets. If instead you want a bit bigger but fewer pockets, Tidan might be for you.



Hiking or walking can easily get sweaty and hot, we have kept this in mind when creating our Tidan trousers. The Tidan has a hidden ventilation under the knee, as well as an openable zippered ventilation on the side of the thigh. Our other hiking pants have a zipper at the leg end which can be used for ventilation, as well as to make it easier to get dressed and undressed.



The fit of our hiking trousers may vary slightly from model to model. In the description of each pant you will find all the information about how the size feels and what the fit is. Generally speaking, our trousers may feel slightly smaller in the model, so we recommend choosing the larger one if you are hesitating between two sizes.


Washing instructions

In order to preserve the fit and quality of the trousers in the best possible way, we recommend not washing them unnecessarily. Instead, hang the trousers out to dry for a freshening up and spot-clean visible stains with a wet cloth. If you’d like to wash your trousers, we recommend washing them individually and without fabric softener to maintain their great quality.


Your choice

The most important thing to remember when buying your hiking trousers is that you are the one who will be wearing them. Think about your needs, what you’re going to use your trousers for and what you think is more comfortable, stretch or not?  Because you are the one who will wear your trousers and we want you to love them, and we hope you will wear them for many years to come!