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Normal size - choose your usual size. Sportier fall jacket Model's length: 177 Model wears: 38

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Discover our Luleå jacket made from durable nylon ripstop 8000 - the ultimate combination of durability and style! This jacket is designed to withstand tough conditions while offering a modern and trendy look.

The Luleå jacket is made from nylon ripstop 8000 material, making it exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear. Whether you are out adventuring in the wild or just need a reliable jacket for everyday use, the Luleå jacket will keep you comfortably protected.

With its durable construction, this jacket is perfect for outdoor activities and adventures. The ripstop material prevents any tears or holes from spreading, giving you a reliable and long-lasting jacket capable of meeting the challenges of your activities.

In addition to its durability, the Luleå jacket also offers a modern and trendy look. Whether you wear it in the city or out in nature, you will look both stylish and functional.

The Luleå jacket is designed to keep you comfortable in different weather conditions. It can be worn as a lightweight transitional jacket in milder temperatures or combined with layers to provide extra warmth in cooler conditions. You can adapt it to your needs to ensure optimal comfort all year round.

So if you are looking for a jacket that combines durability, style and versatility, the Luleå jacket with nylon ripstop 8000 is the perfect choice. Explore the world with confidence and look amazing with this reliable and trendy jacket.

Get your Luleå jacket today and let it be your reliable companion for all your adventures!