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We are inspired by the Northern light and its energy and from this we created our brand Norrsken, which is the name of Northern light in Swedish. We have the know-how in how to design and produce high quality jackets.  We have put all our energy into our design. We have designed it with a enlightened women who wants to do a wise and smart choice with out having to compromise with design, quality and fit. It is all about having a well designed jacket and look as good as we can!

We have aimed to do a jacket for the everyday use.  On your way to work, in the city, at the playground, at a party or just walking in the forest.

Norrsken is created by women for women, we want to give back to all strong and inspirational women out there, whose energy and empathy is giving strength to many.

Our first collection is launched in august and we want to help you making a smart choice, and this will be possible since we focus on selling mainly online. This gives us the power to cut one step in the retail chain and therefor we can lowering the price without making and compromises in design, quality and fit. Also it will give us the power to design the jackets you want! You can be part of develop and create the best jacket ever! !

The everyday jacket