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We want your jacket to have a long life and stay in it’s best shape! To make it easier for you to accomplish this we have collected our top 3 tips on how to take care of your jacket:

Washing: We recommend machine washing your jacket as little as possible, since it wears the material down. Instead, you can regularly air out the jacket by letting it hang outside for while after use. If it has any dirty spots, we recommend using a wet cloth to remove them.

Storing: In order to keep your jacket like new, let it air out before storing it. During the seasons you are not using your jacket, keep  it in a cool and dry environment for best results.

Repairing: We always recommend using a tailor if your jacket needs any repair.



The well-being of our planet is our responsibility. At Norrsken we genuinely believe that everyone can make a difference when it comes to the environment. We do our part by accepting our corporate, social responsibility. It is always our most important factor when we make daily decisions, no matter how big or small! It’s our goal to have a stong and sustainable business model.

We have chosen to commit to the corporate sustainability initiative; the UN Global Compact. This initiative supports the participation of both the private sector and other social actors. Its goal is to advance corporate responsibility, as well as social and environmental principles to meet the challenges of globalization.



We want to give back to the people around us, that inspire us, by sharing their story and keeping them warm. We know that we all have a true NORRSKEN around us. Someone who helps the people around them to grow and develop.

It could be your kid’s hockey coach, a teacher, your mum, a friend or maybe that cashier who always knows everybody’s name.

Do you have a NORRSKEN whom you would like us to praise? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can keep her in mind!



The fashion industry is a lot about new collections, new styles and new colours. This often leads to brands wasting their left-over stock, since it won’t be usable next season. Instead, our designs and collections are created with the intention of working all year around. The jackets are suitable for both warmer and colder weather and we try to keep the style as classically timeless as possible. By doing this we can update and refine, rather than exchanging the entire style. Our thinking is that this makes the whole clothing line more sustainable since you will really want to keep this jacket for a long time. It is important for us to communicate this to our wonderful customers, since sustainability is one of our foundations.