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Tanja, Norrsken jackets


1, What are you most proud of yourself?

That I am driven, committed and if I want something done, I make sure it happens.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

Driven people who are passionate about what they do.
Dedication and positivity.


3, Who inspires you and why?

I am inspired by many people, especially by all those who dare to invest in their dreams. Not to let the dreams just be just dreams. But make them a reality.


4, What is an everyday luxury for you?

For me, everyday luxury is to come home from work and pick up the kids. Dance and play while listening to good music together with them and eating good food. Wonderful energy.


5, What is your best advice for getting your everyday life together? Do you have a really good life hack?

Foresight and routines solve most things in everyday life as a parent of small children. It may sound boring, but everyone feels good and you usually have time for everything you want to do during the weeks. Do not get up late in the morning it makes the whole day chaotic and the children get stressed. Planning is everything!


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

As a teacher, outerwear is important. So I say jacket, cardigan, and shoes. I hate to freeze.


7, Wich is your favorite Norrsken jacket?

Hyssna. Love everything about it.


Name: Tanja Tinglöf

Family: Husband Filip and children Freja and Vidar.

Occupation: Teacher

Life motto: Positive thoughts, positive life.