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1, What are you most proud of yourself?

My energy.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

Other people with energy are also something that inspires me, as well as people who dare to believe in something and keep going until it works.


3, Who inspires you and Why?

People who dare to be themselves and do their own thing.


4, What is everyday happiness for you?

Massage and a good cappuccino.


5, What are your best tips for getting your life together every day? Do you have any really good lifehack?

My life hack is to plan everything.


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

Depends on the season. But Birkenstocks and my merino wool shirts from Uniqlo.


Name: Bea Unenge Cronie

Family: Husband and a 3,5-year-old kid

Profession: Entrepreneur and Art Director

Favorite quote: Take one day at a time.