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Hanna, Norrsken jackets


1, What are you most proud of yourself?

My will, I am driven by passion and if I want something to happen, my stubbornness will help.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

Energy and solid leadership


3, Who inspires you and Why?

Many! I love to pick good things from people and organizations around me! I look at xxx a little bit extra at the moment.


4, What is the everyday happiness for you?

Days when my planning is on spot, perhaps not that each activity goes as I want it to be, but in the end having that feeling that I accomplished everything I have planned for the day and feeling happy about it.


5, What are your best tips for getting your life together every day? Do you have any really good lifehack?

The app Wonderlist for sure. It’s an awesome app for me as I have too many things in the air constantly. Wunderlist let me write up all incoming task, but prioritize them which give me a feeling of letting thing less urgent be done later.


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

A pair of simple dressed pants. simple, comfortable and good looking.


7, What is your favorite Norrsken jacket?



Name: Hanna Moisander

Family: Living with Gustav

Profession: E-commerce manager

Favorite quote: “I have never done that before, I will certainly manage that.”