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1, What are you most proud of yourself?

That I dared to invest in a career at the same time as I had 3 children. I was at a crossroads where I didn’t know if I should work at my old job, or invest in my own company. I thought you had to choose a career or be a mother. I dared and today I am a fantastic mother, and self-employed and it works great!.

You have to dare to win.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

People who believe in themselves and dare to be who they are, and invest in their dreams.


3, Who inspires you and why?

My sister Linda Hellqvist. Every year, she climbs higher and higher on the career ladder and she is a coveted name in online marketing, and many companies have fought to get her. She impresses me with her determination, knowledge, and her knowledge. We did not get the same genes and sometimes I wish I had an ounce of that gene.


4, What is an everyday luxury for you?

When I get home before everyone else and can have a cup of coffee on the couch and enjoy the silence, or put on a good series while waiting for the family to come home. With 4 children and 3 companies, it is rarely a quiet moment, so just being alone for a few minutes is a luxury.


5, What is your best advice for getting your everyday life together? Do you have a really good life hack?

Planning is everything. I know that I need to eat well and exercise to cope with my hectic life and then it is important that I plan for it. Lunch boxes are packed and workout dates are booked. Sometimes the time is not enough and then I can have 20-30min between meetings after which I maximize the time with a short workout session, and then there is my lifehack rubber band. Always carry small rubber bands in your bag so you can sit in the office and exercise.


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

Workout clothes are what I live in during the day, but otherwise, I love jeans and a nice t-shirt, with a blazer. Simple and convenient, but still nice.


Name: Carola Ranmo. 36 years, contractor,

Family: Married to Noak, bonus daughter Angelina 9yrs, Elise 3yrs, twins Alex and Leah 2yrs

Occupation: Personal trainer and editor-in-chief
Life motto: Everything is possible