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Isabella Löwengrip, Norrsken jackets


1, What are you most proud of yourself?

It’s that I always set clear life goals for myself and then I make sure to follow them.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

Above all, I would say that I am inspired by well-founded people with good self-esteem and who dare to stand up for their opinion.


3, Who inspires you and why?

Iconic women and I can’t just choose one! I surround myself with them in the art of my home and I have them as a background image on my phone. It could be Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or Agneta Fältskog. Brigitte Bardot’s signature look was, for example, a great role model when we created Hermine Hold.


4, What is an everyday luxury for you?

Chocolate is my pleasure. I always have several different varieties at home and when I am abroad and I have some time, I love to botanize in shops and buy with me home. I eat a little every day, it’s the luxury of life. At a restaurant, I always order everything with chocolate that is on the dessert menu.


5, What is your best advice for getting your everyday life together? Do you have a really good life hack?

My everyday life is controlled in periods by a minute schedule. Thankfully, I have a team that makes sure it goes together. But in that schedule, I am careful to actively add recovery. After so many years at this pace, I know exactly when I need recovery after an intense period.


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

My high-heeled shoes. For me, it is an obvious part of my daily wardrobe. But since I am on the go all the time, it is important that they are comfortable enough to wear all day.


Name: Isabella Löwengrip

Family: Son Gillis and daughter Sally

Profession: Social media pioneer and entrepreneur

Life motto: ”Allt som skaver är en möjlighet” – Ray Dalio.