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Pingis, Norrsken jackets


1, What are you most proud of yourself?

My drive, I do not give up and I am positive and I give to others.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

Those who are different from me. Opposites are most interesting, I can learn from that. People who dare to communicate directly and are confident in themselves. I have a hard time with “confirmation-suckers”.


3, Who inspires you and why?

Entrepreneurs who have grown fantastic companies, especially those who have done so with their own funds. I have received very valuable tips from Filip and Miroslav, who founded Foreo, 


4, What is an everyday luxury for you?

Not having to think about what time it is.


5, What is your best advice for getting your everyday life together? Do you have a really good life hack?

Plan the most important things in the calendar that must be done so that you get a realistic sustainable schedule: max half-day meetings, time to work through to do’s, and planned time for exercise five times a week and twice a week max have evening events. A proper balance that makes everyday fun and productive.


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

Sneakers and heels.


7, Wich is your favorite Norrsken jacket?

Avesta. It works like a shell jacket so sometimes I have Visby underneath if it’s cold. If it is not that cold, it’s perfect on its own. The hood is good in wind and rain. The fit is phenomenal and I love all the pockets!


Name: Pingis Ingegerd Anna Kristina Hadenius

Family: Husband David and a child on the way. Mother Karin, Father Axel, Sister Hildur, and brother Carl-David.

Occupation: Contractor, CEO of one of the companies: Skönhetsbolaget Löwengrip. Co-founder of Nordic Tech House, Flattered, Löwengrip, Economista, Hermine Hold.

Life motto: Everything works out if you want it to