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Elsa Lundin, Norrsken Jackets


1, What are you most proud of yourself?

That I have risen from a half-sided paralysis after a lack of oxygen in the brain when I had a cardiac arrest. And that after that I started my business and never gave up.


2, What qualities are you inspired by in others?

The ability to speak and get people to listen, positivity even though you know that person has not had it easy, drive and commitment, to be able to see others and to see the opportunities to help others.


3, Who inspires you and why?

Terri Savelle foy, Dean Graziosi, my boyfriend, my mom, John Maxwell, my grandmother, Tony Robins, Andreas Nielsen, the list can be made even longer but I stop there.


4, What is an everyday luxury for you?

A good and calm breakfast, exercise, good food, long shower, being with the family, scented candles, laughing so that the stomach hurts, home spa with face mask, shaving my legs, using silver shampoo, and painting my nails.


5, What is your best advice for getting your everyday life together? Do you have a really good life hack?

Get up an hour earlier, to get a calm start with breakfast and coffee. Read a book that gives you something, maybe a new inspo for the day. Put your phone alarm on 20 minutes and force yourself to read until the alarm goes off, it’s a good start before everything else begins.


6, What is your best/most important clothing piece in your everyday life?

Stylish jeans and a pair of boots. I’m not so much for sneakers… And of course jewelry, they can make a whole outfit.


7, Wich is your favorite Norrsken jacket?

Definitely Visby Sandshell, LOVE IT!


Name: Elsa Lundin

Family: boyfriend Timmy, Mom, Dad and three brothers.

Occupation: Self-employed, works with my brand By Elsa, Silversmycken.

Life motto: “Remember to always leave a little sparkle wherever you go”