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5 Suggestions on beautiful hikes in Sweden

Being out in nature is one of our favorite activities here at Norrsken. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to share some of Sweden’s most beautiful hiking trails with you. So that you also will have the chance to enjoy them and get to spend more time in nature!

Österlenleden, Skåne 

Österlen in Skåne is a beautiful place, with a hiking trail that is over 100 kilometers long, starting in Ystad. It offers beautiful and varied nature, with both culture and the sea. Here you can choose if you want to go on a day trip with a little easier or tougher terrain.

Edsåsdalen, south of Åre

Edsåsdalen, south of Åre has several different trails to choose from, that are suitable for both families and more experienced hikers. There are slightly flatter hikes but also mountain peaks to climb. Here you are offered a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Åkulla bokskogar, Hallandsleden

In Halland you can find Åkulla’s magical beech forests. Here are several marked short hikes through nature reserves and along beautiful lakes. For those who feel up for a challenge, you can choose to walk Hallandsleden, which goes past here with its longer hikes.

Sörmlandsleden from Stockholm and south

If you are in Stockholm, you can easily get to the Sörmlandsleden by public transport or car, here you have everything for the perfect day hike. Sörmlandsleden offers a lot of different trails to choose from, both through the beautiful wilderness and wonderful urban environments.

Siljansleden, Dalarna

If you are in Dalarna, there is Siljansleden, it goes through Leksand, Orsa, Rättvik, and Mora, among other places. Here it is easy to jump on the trail when it suits you and adapt it to how far you want to walk. You are offered varied nature with beautiful lakes and forests.

The pictures are borrowed from Google.